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Many of us are finding that the world today is unsettled, challenging, even downright depressing at times. Most of us are experiencing drastic lifestyle changes that might include severe illness, job loss, social pattern disruption, general anxiety, and of course lack of toilet paper. But all of these seemingly insurmountable obstacles offer us an opportunity to grow and change. I encourage anybody who reads these posts to Be the Change You Want to See!!

Although this blog appears as a part of a business website selling Wild Crafted Elderberry Syrup, and eventually other Wild Crafted products (Wild Plum Sauce coming soon), it is really about embracing a different outlook and way of living. My posts are going to delve into things like wild harvested foods, where to find them and what to do with them. How to be more self sufficient through sustainable, largely organic gardening methods like vermicomposting, companion planting, natural pest (BATS!!!) and weed control, and preserving and using what you grow. Holistic health practices and food products. And, my topic for today, as well as future posts, supporting small businesses, specifically farmers, but others as well, to help grow and preserve your local economy.

Black Friday is now behind us, and a record number of people simply didn't participate. Many don't have the discretionary income that they once had, but I think just as many simply aren't "feeling it". Even with the changes in the economic situation world wide, the holiday season will be a time most of us will spend quite a lot of money. This year my family will be spending less, a far greater percentage of it will be spent with small business owners, and MUCH less will go to Jeff Bezos and Amazon as well as other massive corporations. I see this as an opportunity to give twice; once to the small business owner who is probably struggling as a result of the current situation with Covid 19, and once to my loved one who receives the gift.

A case in point; My wife wanted to order a fog free face mask for my father in law. As usual, she googled the product, and as usual Amazon came up first. Rather than impulsively clicking on that link, she looked further down the list and found this seller on Etsy Wonderful product, excellent service, and arrived with a hand written thank you note. We felt good about the entire process, knowing that we supported a small, independent business without Amazon taking a large percentage of their profit.

I feel it's necessary at this point to clarify that nobody is paying me to provide their links, and nobody is cross linking to my website that I know of. Any links or shameless promotion of products (other than my own) are provided because I have done business with them, know them personally, or know them by personal reference and I like their products and the way they do business.

Clearly not everything on a Christmas wish list can be purchased through a small independent business. But, what if we all scrolled a little further down the search returns? How about a quick glance on Craigslist for local products? Local Facebook buy and sell groups frequently have ads by local businesses. What if we looked for small independent and/or local alternatives for that overpriced Harry and David fruit basket? How about a locally sourced smoked ham, prime rib, or turkey for a special holiday meal or gift? What if instead of two minutes and three clicks, the purchase took 10 minutes, five mouse clicks, and we actually had to enter our credit card number? Or even had to pick up the phone to call and order? Asking for a friend;)

Maybe you are a staunch supporter of Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Microsoft, and other mega corporations and all that they stand for. If so, carry on, there's little of this remaining post that is likely to interest you. If, on the other hand you would like to reach out, connect with and support your local community and small businesses, here are some ideas:

How about a grass fed, grass finished beef gift basket, or prime rib from my good friend Travis at BarJ4 ranch? 541-621-3194. The Hatch Chili sausages are amazing!!

Order your loved ones protective masks from the aforementioned Etsy seller

Instead of Bath and Body Works try a gift basket of all natural amazing soaps and skin products from

A holiday fruit basket is nice, but maybe look at a locally owned and operated farm to table weekly produce delivery.

Instead of Starbucks gift certificates as stocking stuffers, a prepaid coffee card from a local coffee shop is more meaningful.

And last, but certainly not least, for those you truly love, Elderberry Syrup from my favorite

Be well, I hope to hear feedback at


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